LOKIBASE is an anti-seismic device that, during a seismic event, offers high protection to operators, shelving and stored goods. We are equipped with a vibrating table of our own realization, with which we can reproduce the effect of the most severe earthquakes that have occurred.

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LOKIBASE provides an innovative solution in the field of industrial storage facilities: when an earthquake occurs, it can limit energy spreading through the structure and stored goods. LOKIBASE was verified at the Milan Polytechnic Laboratories and tested on the Shaking Table of the National Technical University of Athens with different accelerograms, including those of the KOBE and IZMIT earthquakes.


LOKIBASE has been designed to fit any type of support allowing easy installation. Thanks to its thoughtful design, LOKIBASE is conceived to be not-intrusive during the normal handling activities.



LOKIBASE is the result of a multidisciplinary research that has involved several engineering sectors to answer to issues ranging from seismic, to mechanics, to the materials science. The result of the involvement of so many scientific disciplines is a unique device in its mode of use, suitable to prevent damage caused by the most severe earthquakes, avoiding in fact the projection of stored goods and the overturning of industrial storage shelves.

Loki Base Lokibase is an anti‐seismic system that offers a high‐level shelf protection against the earthquakes effects.

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